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Hello there! I’m Caleb, creator of

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Boom Firewood started as (and arguably still is) a bit of a pipe dream.

Here’s the deal.

As the Director of Operations at Sperry Honey I love my job, but I don’t love that I stare at a computer screen for work.

For a long time, I tried to envision how I could build an online brand of some kind, while also working outside.

Then I got it.

Back in high school, I volunteered at a Bible camp in Northeast Michigan, splitting firewood and doing dishes, among other tasks.

While the thought of dishes didn’t exactly tug at my heart strings, splitting firewood by hand was some of the most fun work I had ever done.

Granted I did it for a week and went home, so I probably didn’t pick up the maul enough times getting sick of it (though I was exhausted when that week was up).

There’s just something about working with your hands that my desk job couldn’t give me.

That said, I also genuinely love building websites and growing online brands.

While I’ve helped out plenty of other people, I’ve always wanted to have my own website that I could slowly grow over time.

So, I came to the natural conclusion: Why not sell firewood online?

It was the perfect plan. I could chop firewood 4 hours out of the day, and work on the business the other 4 hours.

Best of both worlds. Until I thought about it a bit.

Actually the more I thought about it, the more I realized selling firewood online might not be for me. I don’t have any land, warehouse, or firewood, not to mention no experience selling firewood. Firewood could be the heaviest ecommerce product you could possibly ship, and shipping across state lines isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

I’m not sure if I want to sell firewood online long term, but I do know one thing:

I still want to be outside, and I still want to be around the firewood industry.


As I did my research for how to market my hypothetical firewood brand, one thing became quite clear.

People need help finding firewood sellers in their area.

“Firewood near me” is the most searched firewood-related query in Google, and it’s not even close. Go on reddit, and you’ll find a bunch of people asking where to buy firewood in their area.

So, I built a tool that helps connect firewood sellers with buyers.

I’m planning on expanding it to help sellers advertise different types of wood, delivery options, and more.

Essentially, if someone were to ask me “Where can I buy firewood?” I want to be able to get out my phone, show them the website, and say “Boom, firewood.”

Also, as I review firewood products and spend time chatting with firewood sellers, I can be in a good position to learn more about the industry.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even sell my own some day.

Either way, I figured if I can connect people with firewood while also supporting the businesses of hard-working firewood sellers across the United States (and abroad), making this site was worth it.

Even if selling firewood online forever remains a pipe dream 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Caleb Dueck, Founder of Boom Firewood

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