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Where to Buy Firewood in Maine

Here’s a list of Maine firewood suppliers with their contact information. Make sure to contact the seller to learn their availability, where they serve, and what they offer. If you’re a seller and would like to be added to this list, reach out and we’d be happy to include you on this list.

Reed’s Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-353-4043

Email Address: dcarl@reedsfirewood.com

Address: 34 Firewood Ln, Durham, ME 04222

Website: http://reedsfirewood.com/

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North Gray Firewood Co.

Phone Number: +1 207-607-6740

Email Address: northgrayfirewood@gmail.com

Address: 368 Mayall Rd, Gray, ME 04039

Website: https://www.buyfirewood.net/

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William A. Day Jr. & Sons Logging & Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-625-8181

Email Address: info@daylogging.com

Address: 28 Wild Turkey Ln, Porter, ME 04068

Website: http://www.daylogging.com/

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JAC’s Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-754-3381

Email Address: clairmont@megalink.net

Address: 2279 Auburn Rd, Turner, ME 04282

Website: http://www.jacsfirewood.com/contact.html

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Turner Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-240-2515

Email Address: garyvarney8020@icloud.com

Address: 68 Rottingham Drive, Turner, ME 04282

Website: https://www.turnerfirewood.com/

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Firewood of Maine

Phone Number: +1 207-610-0667

Email Address: admin@firewoodofmaine.com

Address: Blacks Woods Rd, Cherryfield, ME 04622

Website: http://www.firewoodofmaine.com/

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Pen Bay Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-266-8820

Email Address: sales@penbayfirewood.com

Address: 1461 Castine Rd, Penobscot, ME 04476

Website: http://penbayfirewood.com/

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Fox Forestry

Phone Number: +1 207-667-6703

Email Address: info@foxforestry.com

Address: 1504 Happytown Rd, Orland, ME 04472

Website: http://foxforestry.com/

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Kimball Logging & Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-998-2751

Email Address: donotreply@dexmedia.com

Address: 78 Herrick Valley Rd, Poland, ME 04274

Website: https://www.kimball-logging.com/

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Forest Commodities Inc.

Phone Number: +1 207-743-8400

Email Address: severett@firewoodmaine.com

Address: 610 Park St, South Paris, ME 04281

Website: http://www.firewoodmaine.com/

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Great Works BioFuels

Phone Number: +1 207-384-5107

Email Address: info@greatworksbiofuels.com

Address: 4 Coffin Ln, Berwick, ME 03901

Website: http://www.greatworksbiofuels.com/

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Southern Maine Renewable Fuels

Phone Number: +1 207-892-3702

Email Address: jim@mefuels.com

Address: 356 N Berwick Rd, Wells, ME 04090

Website: http://www.mefuels.com/

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Timber Farm Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-459-0003

Email Address: sewellresourcemgmt@gmail.com

Address: 1257 Carl Broggi Hwy, Lebanon, ME 04027

Website: http://www.timberfarmfirewood.com/

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Treeco-Black Fly LLC

Phone Number: +1 207-754-6475

Email Address: treeco.blackfly2022@gmail.com

Address: 880 S High St, Bridgton, ME 04009

Website: https://treeco-blackfly.com/

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Hawkes and Taylor Firewood

Phone Number: +1 207-389-2038

Email Address: mark@hawkesandtaylor.com

Address: 111 Bowker Rd, Phippsburg, ME 04562

Website: https://hawkesandtaylor.com/

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The Poland Corporation

Phone Number: +1 207-462-6000

Email Address: info@thepolandcorporation.com

Address: 96 High St, West Paris, ME 04289

Website: http://www.thepolandcorporation.com/

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Maine Biomass LLC

Phone Number: +1 207-725-0387

Email Address: webmaster@mainebiomass.com

Address: 11 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME 04011

Website: http://www.mainebiomass.com/

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York Woods Tree & Products

Phone Number: +1 207-703-0150

Email Address: natalie@yorkwoodstree.com

Address: 300 ME-236, Eliot, ME 03903

Website: http://yorkwoodstree.com/

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Mb Bark Mulch

Phone Number: +1 207-786-0600

Email Address: info@mbbark.com

Address: 100 Bark Mulch Dr, Auburn, ME 04210

Website: http://www.mbbark.com/

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Cross Excavation

Phone Number: +1 207-824-2258

Email Address: info@crossexcavation.com

Address: 684 W Bethel Rd, Bethel, ME 04217

Website: http://www.crossexcavation.com/

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